One of the things that I have discovered while working as a fashion editor over the years is that rules are meant to be broken. Now, I am not suggesting that you walk into the nearest bank and ask for all their money. I’m talking about the rules of fashion, in particular, all the arbitrary guidelines that we see in so many magazines and tv shows. “You can’t wear white in winter.” “Skinny jeans are out.” “Don’t wear head-to-toe one color.” And of course, “If you have curves wear a fit and flare style.”


I am guilty 0f participating in some of these stories for different publications, and what I find so frustrating about the whole process is that while yes, the advice given does work in certain situations and for certain body types, it doesn’t really take into account the person reading and what they actually want for their personal style. It is a blank generalization without any context to you, the reader.

Even writing this post now I can’t be certain of who will be seeing it. I don’t know your skin complexion, the shape of your body, your age, what your personal tastes might be, or what gender, if any, you identify as. But what I do know is that discovering your own distinctive personal style is such an important aspect of growing as a person. No matter what shape, color, or gender you are, you should love yourself and I believe that one of the quickest ways to do that is feel amazing and confidant in what you wear.

When I started The Everyday Editor I wanted this to be something beyond what I create for magazines, a place where people could come to find a connection to all the things that I love, and am personally interested in, and hopefully would find interesting too. So much of my job is interpreting someone else’s reader, each publication has one, the ideal person that you are speaking to. You keep that ideal in context for everything you do but, sometimes it is easy to become too focused on your hypothetical reader that you loose sight of the real one.


That is why, to me, it is so important to hear from you, dear reader. So I can make this site into something that we all can learn from and enjoy. Whether it is bringing on different guest contributors or covering content that you find interesting and relevant, I want to hear from you. So please, in the comments below tell me what you like about the site, things that you don’t, constructive criticism is alway valuable. I want to make this site the best it can be but I can’t do it with out you.

Thanks so much for listening. I am so excited to take this next step with all of you and I want to thank you again for all the support you have already given.



The Everyday Editor


Green Coat: Vintage (Similar HERE). Green babydoll dress: Artizia (Similar HERE)Leather and gold necklace: Eleanor Kalle (Similar HERE)Harding collar necklace: Eleanor Kalle (HERE)Gold zodiac pendant: La Soula (HERE)Top handle bag: Rebecca Minkoff (Similar HERE)Black leather boots: Delmans (HERE).

All Photos by Bain Stevens 

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