10 Best Etsy Shops For Your Home

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Let me start off by saying how much I love Etsy… however, it can be one of the most frustratingly inspiring websites in existence. For those of you that navigate the site with any sort of frequency, you can understand the black hole that you can fall into when looking at all the shops. It is a treasure trove for the beautiful, unique, and inventive and is such a fantastic resource when looking for ways to update your home. However, the sheer volume that you need to weed through to find these gems can seem daunting at the best of times. That’s why we have taken one for the team and lost a couple of days to the rabbit hole that is Etsy to round up some of the best shops for your home.

Jord Home



If you love Scandinavian design mixed with a cool laid-back aesthetic, then look no further, Jord Home is for you. Based in Birmingham, England this rug company provides beautiful pieces woven by hand using a centuries old weaving technique on wooden looms. Plus all their hides are sourced from the Sami, a nomadic tribe traveling the fells of Sweden, Finland, and Norway.


Foxhound Collection



It is not a secret to those that know me that I am obsessed with candles and fragrances. Whenever I am home there’s always something burning. So when deciding a candle company for this roundup I knew of no better company that Foxhound Collection. This Nova Scotian based brand is created by the supremely talented Kelsey Wier. Every fragrance is blended by hand in her studio and her candles are 100% soy. With gorgeous scents like the delicate, airy lavender and linen to moodier fragrances like Teakwood + Moss, there’s a scent for everyone. Her season blends are a particular highlight.


Art & Manufacture



Edith Bourgault knows how to make ceramics and she does so beautifully, with her Montreal Based ceramics company Art Et Manufacture. The brand philosophy of taking a different look at ordinary objects and turning them into works of art results into gorgeous cookware that is almost too pretty to use. From pie pans to soap holders every piece is unique and special and will cause some major kitchen envy among your friends.


Clare Elsaesser



I first discovered Clare not on Etsy but Anthropologie a couple of seasons ago. This California-based painter is all things magical. Falling in love with her enchanting portraits and hauntingly beautiful landscapes, it wasn’t until starting to work on this post that I discovered to true breadth of her work on her Etsy site. Her whimsical style and beautiful color palettes are the perfect addition to any home and with a mix of original paintings and prints, you can afford her work at every price point.


The Coffee Registry



In a world where Keurigs have become the mainstay for at home coffee production. One awesome company is bucking the system and doing it with style. This Colorado-based company specializes in creating some of the coolest pours over coffee stands around. With three different style machines on their site, Monday mornings definitely just got a lot more chic.


Jess Hotson Textiles



Let me start off by saying that Jess Hotson’s pieces are works of art. This Toronto, Canada resident is single handily bringing back the wall art movement and doing it with style. Creative Director of The Kit by day and weaving genius by night Jess’s pieces are one of a kind treasure. Whether working with her on custom pieces or buying from her shop you should definitely score some of her work for your home.


Urban Chandy



If you want to spice up your home decor, then look no further. Cassidy Brush the founder of Urban Chandy is here for you with her stylish and innovative takes on lighting fixtures. The company actually started as a happy accident when she needed a lighting fixture for her office space. When she started getting more inquiries about the lighting in her space then the products she was selling she knew it was time to make a change. Cool industrial textures mixed with so repurposed elements creates some truly inspiring pieces for any home.





If you love the feel of sand between your toes and the warm rays of summer on your face then look no further than to this talented photographer Mina Teslaru. Originally from Bucharest but know residing in Roxbury New York. This talented visual artist’s work is perfect for any beach lover and beyond. Teslaru images conjure up feelings of a bygone era and capture the perfectness of an endless summer.


Kina Ceramic Designs



When unexpected whimsical designs meet perfect precision technique, magic happens and such is the case with designer Kina Gorska the talent behind Kina Ceramic Designs. Making her pieces from bone china porcelain but adding in unique and quirky design elements she creates some truly stand out pieces. There is no shortage of awesome pieces to fill your home within her shop. kina_ceramic_designs_pink_teacup


Sarah K. Benning Contemporary Embroidery



Crafting and embroidery aren’t just a granny’s game any longer and one awesome woman is changing that. Sarah K Benning with her almost 200K followers on Instagram is making embroidery cool again by bringing in contemporary design mixed with old world craft. When she puts up stock it sells out within four hours of being up on her site but don’t worry if you can’t score any of her coveted pieces, she also does a monthly pattern subscription where you can try your hand at your own crafty ambitions.


Hope you enjoyed this post and were able to discover a few awesome brands that I love. As always leave in the comments below any ideas that you would like to see on the website and we will try to make it happen.



The Everyday Editor

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