How I created the perfect personal style… For Me

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Imagine this scenario. You’re at a dinner party with a group of strangers. Small talk is flying about the table, “Oh where are you from, how long have you lived in the city, what do you do?” This is about the time that I know the inevitable questions will arise. “Oh, you’re a fashion editor? Well, what is everyone wearing right now, what are the biggest trends, and how can I wear it?”  It is one of the things that I both love and hate to talk about. The reason is I have always disliked the idea of wearing something for the sake of being fashionable only.

While I love seeing the new trends glide across the runways each season and I do indulge in them on occasion. I am always hesitant to wear a trend just because it is popular or because it is in style.  The thing is I know what I like, I know what works for me and makes me feel confident and pretty. Sometimes a trend will cater to that and other times it really doesn’t. An example of this will always be heel height. I have mentioned before that since I come in at the not so statuesque height of 4’11, I will always feel my most confident in high heels and platforms.  Now though, with the recent trend in footwear moving towards lower, blockier heels, I have yet to find some pieces that will work for me.

It has taken me a long while to find my personal style and while it does change and evolve there are some core silhouettes and pieces that I know I will always wear. Whether that is heels, high waistlines, or classic button-down shirts. I know that these items will never fail me and that I will always be able to put them on and feel confident about myself and what I wear.   The key to finding your own personal style is discovering what your fashion goals are. Below I’ve listed a couple of easy questions to ask yourself when trying to work out your personal style.


  • If you got it, flaunt it: Do you want to feel taller or shorter or perhaps you want to show off your legs or curves. Once you have defined what parts of yourself you want to highlight and make you feel amazing and confident. You can begin to choose silhouettes that will accomplish this goal.
  • Take a style journey: The wonderful and amazing thing about working on discovering your personal style is that it is a process. One that doesn’t happen overnight. Things that I absolutely loved 10 years ago I might not wear now. Other things I have consistently continued to wear and will continue to wear for a long while to come. It’s okay to play there aren’t any mistakes.
  • Think out of the box: Remember those pesky trends that mentioned earlier? The ones that I said I would never wear. That isn’t always necessarily true. If I can find a way to adapt a trend into something that does fit into my wardrobe and personal aesthetic then I will wear it. Take for example bomber jackets… I don’t tend to typically like sporty styles and the shape of bomber jackets on me do not look very flattering. However, I found one that was a little longer than normal shape in the most darling vintage brocade print and fell in love. So just because a trend doesn’t work for you still keep an open mind. You might just be surprised by something you find.


I hope you liked this post and as always thank you reading. If you like this then check out some of our other posts on the site and leave in the comments below if you have any ideas for things you would like to see here.


The Everyday Editor


Denim shirt: Mavi (HERE).  Printed scarf: Vintage (Similar HERE). White Skirt: Zara (Similar HERE)Tri-color bag: Etienne Aigner (Similar HERE).  White pumps: Stuart Weitzman (Similar HERE).

All Photos by Bain Stevens 

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