Emboldened by my foray in wearing white denim, I’ve recently begun to try out different styles of jeans that I would never have considered in my wardrobe before. First up on this explorative journey of fashion self-discovery… Mom jeans. Now, I know what you are thinking “really? one of the toughest fashion looks to pull off for anyone above a size 2 and shorter than 6 feet.” Yes really… And believe me, I was hesitant myself. Since the trend has risen in popularity, I’ve been asked to do at least three articles for various publications on the topic of mom jeans and with the almost overnight rise in popularity of brands such as Re/done, it looks like the trend is here to stay. But I do have to confess that I haven’t really understood the hype. Still plagued by Tina Few in her now infamous SNL skit and the very real fact that this is all that my own mother wore throughout my early childhood I was not quick to join this satirical fashion bandwagon.

For someone that works in the fashion industry, I’m actually very hesitant to follow trends. I’ve talked at length before in posts about my belief in the importance of discovering your own personal style and not just chasing a trend blindly. However, every so often I will get into a fashion rut and when this happens I’ve found the best thing to do is push yourself out of your comfort zone and try new things. Sometimes this takes a couple of tries. I have a rule that if I am trying to wear something super uncharacteristic to my current style then I need to try it at least three times. I will always style them in different ways, to really see if a trend will or will not work for me.


Denim for me has always been one of the slowest trends that I will adopt into my wardrobe. When skinny jeans first started emerging in stores I was working at EXPRESS as the store’s denim expert and just couldn’t wear any of the new styles. I just didn’t feel like they worked for me. I would totally think that they looked amazing on other people but somewhere between them and me there was a loss in translation. It wasn’t until months later that I had finally tried on enough pairs of skinny jeans that I found a pair of cropped ones that I liked and worked for my body frame and I was able to embrace the trend.

My size has always played a factor in my personal style. The two have been warring opponents since I was old enough to pick out my own clothing. Fashion’s that I want to wear don’t always immediately work and it is a constant struggle to find clothing that fits properly to a much smaller frame than what is Industry standard. Pants, particularly denim were never something that I would wear because I would have to have them altered, cuffed or some version of shortening that would leave the styles almost unrecognizable to their original form. Dresses and skirts alway came easier, less of a struggle to shop for, yes they would be long but not so much so as to be unwearable. Unless it was a maxi dress… Oh, maxi dress, you will be a challenge that I will tackle some day.

But back to our foray into mom jeans, after my initial  hesitation, I actually found that the higher waist suited my frame made me feel like my legs were longer and gave my body more definition at my waist. All of the doubt and dread of trying something new was completely pointless I loved the new style and I do believe that they will now be a current rotation within my everyday wardrobe.

Hope that you enjoyed the post and as always leave in the comments on topics you would like me to cover on the site.


The Everyday Editor


Black leather jacket: The Kooples (HERE)Lace top: The Kooples (HERE)Mom jeans: Vintage Levi’s (Similar HERE). Black clutch bag: RJ Graziano (Similar HERE)Black boots: Steve Madden (HERE).

All photos by Della Bass

4 Replies to “How I got over my fear of mom jeans”

  1. Loved your post! Thanks for the motivation to try new styles and trends! I always see great quality mom jeans when I’m out thrifting and never pick them up! This however will change! I’ll be on the lookout for some trendy ones! Thanks for sharing! 💗


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