The Shoes I’ll Be Wearing To Get Me Through Till Spring

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Oh, Spring where are you? For a brief glorious day, New York got a teasing glimpse of you. Unfortunately for us, however, we’ve gone back to the bleak grey days of winter and with a little extra rain and sleet added to the mix to boot… yay.

Now I don’t know about you but, I find this time of year the most difficult to dress in. Inspired by all the beautiful new warm weather items in stores with their candy colors, diaphanous fabrics, and cheeky prints which unfortunately clash with these sub-thermal temps I admit to being in a total style rut with how to wear them. There is hope, however, in the form of some pretty spectacular footwear. These beauties are getting me through my current uniform of sweater, jean, and coat combo and adding that little extra pizzazz that makes me feel excited to dress in the mornings.

So today lovely readers I’m sharing with you my three favorite shoe trends to get you through this brutal transitional season and hopefully into some much warmer and stylish days ahead. Read on!

Flatform Brogue Beauty


There is no shoe and I do mean absolutely none that I wear more on a busy day running around the city than a pair of brogues or oxfords. But at the diminutive stature of 4’11, I need all the help I can get in the height department. Fortunately for me, Stella McCartney and friends have got my back with these gorgeous menswear-inspired flatforms. Super comfortable, easy to get around in and stylish while giving me that little extra boost, these guys are my wardrobe saviors on days that I have a ton of meetings with clients or pr agencies and need to feel my best girl boss self. Awesome year round, however, these beauties truly shine during this weird transition time when I can wear them with a pair of cashmere socks or tights as well as bare legged.

  1. Stella McCartney, Elyse Lace-up Faux Leather Platform Shoes, $1,195
  2. Zara, Multicoloured Flatform Brogues, $69.90
  3. Prada, Metallic Lace-up Flatform Brogues, $790
  4. Summit by White Moutain, Brody in White, $149
  5. Tods, Fringed and Tasselled Leather Creepers, $845

The Moto Boot Master


I love a good moto boot. Maybe it’s because of my high school years listening to Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and My Chemical Romance (flashback anyone?) but I just feel there is something so nostalgic and bad ass about putting on a pair. These guys aren’t purely just for fashion, however, they are just as functional when the days are still pilling up with snow and hidden slush pits are a real danger when navigating city streets. Luckily for me, brands like cult fav Nicole Saldaña and cool girl juggernaut Acne are making it super easy to find some stand out options but if you want to go classic you can still never go wrong with the OG Doc Martin.

  1. Burberry, Lace-up Leather Ankle Boots, $895
  2. Dr. Martens, Modern Classic 8 Eye Boot, $125
  3. Aldo, Dwoiviel Boot, $150
  4. Nicole Saldaña, Chris Boot, $470
  5. Acne Studios, Tillay Leather Chelsea Boots, $620

Chunky Heeled Mule Mania


There are days lovely readers… days that have back to back meetings, writing deadlines, photoshoots to plan, and general tedious admin stuff that I really couldn’t be bothered with but have to do, and on those busiest of days, I want to campion my inner boss babe mentality and conquer it all while doing it in style. Good thing for me then, that these gorgeous mules are here. They might not assist in getting any of the aforementioned tasks done but at least they put a little pep in my step and keep me moving in the right direction.  Also, their chunky heels provide comfort and support and their closed toed silhouette keep my feet warm at the same time. It’s a win-win all around.

  1. Mercedes Castillo, Mealen embellished Leather Mules, $475
  2. Topshop, Keepsake Woven Mules, $110
  3. Steve Madden, Simon Leopard, $129.95
  4. Neous, Masdevallia Suede Mules, $630
  5. Andrea Gomez, Clarissa Hunter, $550

Well, what did you think of our roundup? Which shoes will you be investing in this season? And what did you think of our fancy new gif styles for the market roundups? Leave all comments below. Would love to hear from you.



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