How To Style A Statement Piece To Let It Shine

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Ah… statement clothing, we all have them, we all love them, but how do you really style an outfit around them? How do you let these wardrobe wunderkinds be the true heroes of your ensemble and not just some cacophonous grouping of loud items?

This question was the bain of my existence for years. I mentioned in a prior post how my beginnings working in the fashion industry were inundated with overly styled outfits that didn’t truly reflect my own personal aesthetic. I was so busy chasing other peoples looks and buying what was trendy that I really lost my own fashion sense.




It wasn’t until I really began thinking of each piece of an ensemble as a cohesive cog in the machine of a fully fledged look that my outfits became the style that I have today. The key to showcasing your special item is to define which piece you want to stand out. (I know, sounds easy, but sometimes it can be harder than you think). Once you’ve decided on that fashion fav, really look at what makes it a showstopper, is it the color, the print, the shape, what makes this the conversation piece that people will stop you on the streets saying where did you get that? For me, it was this gorgeous plaid candy-hued coat. I loved the boxy shape of the sleeves, the stunning print, and the unusual color palette.


Once I set the baseline for my look with this piece of outerwear I began to go through my closet for items that enhanced all the things I love about the coat. I was obsessed with the clashing colors so I chose pieces that came in various shades that complement it, like this dark navy chenille sweater and light blue and pink snakeskin bag. They aren’t the exact hues of the coat (keeping it from being too matchy) but they are similar enough to showcase the overall color palette and really make the coat standout.




Another thing I really wanted to draw attention to was the brilliant bold check print. A key tip when wanting a pattern to stand out is to always make sure it is the largest print in your look. By pairing the smaller snakeskin motive from the bag and the added textures from the chenille sweater and velvet shoes to the ensemble, it gives an overall interest to the outfit keeping it from feeling flat and still making sure that the eye is focused on the outwear your hero piece.




And finally, remember those oversized sleeves and overall boxy shape I was loving. Well to make sure I didn’t look too shapeless I went for a fit and flare skirt that nips me in at the waist and gives context to the shape of my body. I also paired a chunky platform sandal in the ensemble to give balance to the bottom of the look so that the overall feel wasn’t to top heavy. When playing with proportions training the eye to move from the top to the bottom of the body is important. So make sure when planning your own outfits to always create a visual line of interest that continues along the body.

Well, what did you think of this weeks style post? Will you be rocking a statement wardrobe more often? Share with us in the comments below.


The Everyday Editor


Plaid Coat: Topshop (HERE)Blue Chenille Sweater: Lulus (Similar HERE)Black Silk Skirt: Elizabeth and James (Similar HERE)Snake Print Bag: Brahmin (HERE)Black Tights: Hue (HERE). Blue Velvet Platforms, Zara (Similar HERE).

All photos by Gabe Araujo

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