Let me start this off by stating one very important fact…. New York winters are cold. Now this might not come as a surprise to many, or really anyone for that matter But, to a very young, recently graduated, Southerner, who had maybe seen snow twice in her life, it was quite a shock. It has now been many years since that first fateful winter that I moved to the city and as the holiday season rolls around I always meet it with equal amounts of joy and trepidation. First off, I love this time of year, November and December are my absolute favorite months in the city. The parties and decorations have always spoken to my inner glamorous self.  But, I always know in the back of my mind, once the lights are taken down and the trees are no longer trimmed the cold and brutal months of January and February are right around the corner.

Anyway, back to the story of our naïve, would-be New Yorker. The first winter I lived here was a challenge. Armed with a very sub-par coat bought strictly for its aesthetic appeal, I froze. As the second winter rolled around, I was determined not to face the same agonizing cold as the year before. So I bought the largest down puffer jacket I could find and a pair of snow boots and I, well, survived… was actually down right toasty on most occasions. But, I was still absolutely miserable, my fashion sense had taken a backseat to practicality and I hated getting dressed every morning. Working in fashion you are constantly surrounded by inspiring and beautiful things. I love being creative when it comes to dressing and to have that taken away by a giant black marshmallow and boots that made my feet look five sizes too big was awful.

The third winter was finally when I had an epiphany. Or, really, I should say that this happened on one of the hottest days in July at a Brooklyn photo studio. I was assisting a stylist for a December fashion feature and thoughts of my winter troubles were the furthest thing from my mind. But that is when I saw them… form fitting turtlenecks, in almost every color of the rainbow lined up in a neat little row on a rolling rack. The stylist then proceeded to pair these little jewels under dresses, blazers, coats, and tunics. Creating an almost endless combination of chic outfits.

What I learned that day was that staying warm and fashionable do not need to be mutually exclusive. The trick to this is layering. While it can seem a daunting task here are a couple tips that I have found work best when putting together a layered look.

  • Stick to a similar color palette. I like to match my turtlenecks to the other layers I’m wearing so it will blend in to the rest of the look while adding that extra layer against the cold.
  • Use interesting textures and prints. It keeps your eye visually stimulated and creates a depth and dimension to your look. Using a fur or faux fur stole on your jacket also gives you a little extra warmth.
  • Always consider your proportions. I am five feet tall on a good day and if I was pairing this dress over a pair of skinny jeans this would make me look even shorter. The flared jeans help to balance the look out and creates a longer line on my legs. This look could also just be worn with the dress and pair of tights but during the frigid months of January and February. I like that extra layer of heat the denim provides.
  • Be Creative. Fashion is fun. Finding what suits your personal style is a process and you should play around with layering different items of clothing to find what works best for you.

I want to give a big thank you to all of you reading this post. I am so excited to be launching The Everyday Editor and sharing with you all of my tips and tricks for a more stylish life. Hope you continue on this journey with me and if you have any questions on fashion, beauty, or entertaining troubles that you would like answered leave them down in the comments below.


The Everyday Editor


Turtleneck sweater: Express (Similar HERE). Bib necklace: Sequin (Similar HERE). Layered chain necklace: RJ Graziano (Similar HERE). Tassel necklace: Vintage (Similar HERE). Fur collar: CFAN Real Fur (Similar HERE) and Faux Fur (Similar HERE). Black coat: Bill Blass (Similar HERE)Printed dress: Elizabeth and James (HERE). Jeans: Citizens of Humanity (HERE). Boots: Topshop (Similar HERE).

All Photos by Bain Stevens




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