As Spring begins to slowly creep into the air with fleeting days of warmth, at the same time the last bursts of Winter try to hold strong over the city, these days are perhaps some of the hardest for me to dress for. I’ve talked about my initial challenges in dressing for winters upon first moving to New York City. However, it is no longer these icy arctic blasts that frustrate my sense of style. It is the whiplash-like affects of going back and forth between two extreme temperatures.

As most New Yorkers can understand space is limited and seasonal clothing is often packed away in storage to make room for more weather-appropriate attire. Sandals and summer dresses are reluctantly packed away once the crisp days of Autumn begin to arrive. Just as cozy sweaters and winter coats are set aside once the teasing taste of longer days and sunny skies return. But, each year there is a portion of March and April that the weather is a temperamental monster promising beautiful Spring days and then hitting you with the reality that it is still Winter. This year, in particular, has been a mix of bi-polar elements.

To combat these fickle changes I go for the one part in my wardrobe that has never failed me a transitional coat. More lightweight than it’s winter counterparts but still with enough weight to keep me warm it is the perfect mid-season staple. For those fleeting warmer days it can be worn with light, diaphanous dresses, but when the cold inevitably returns, you can pair it with heavy sweaters to fight off a chill.


When looking to purchase the perfect transitional coat always look for the three below qualities.

  • Go for a piece that are breathable. Silk-wool blends tend to lock in body warmth while also making sure you don’t overheat.
  • These coats are meant to be worn often so look for pieces that have interesting details but come in a neutral color palettes so as not to conflict with the rest of your wardrobe.
  • These will be clothing staples in your wardrobe and can be worn both during spring and fall months or year round if you live in temperate climates. So invest in a quality product that will last.


Hope you liked this post and if you would like to see some of our recommendations for the best new transition coats for this season. Check out this post here. As always thank you for reading and if you have any ideas for something you would like to see on the site leave us a comment below.


The Everyday Editor



Transition Coat: ZARA (Similar HERE). Navy and silver dress: Rebecca Taylor (Similar HERE). Cocktail Rings: Eleanor Kalle (HERE). Tote Bag: Lili Radu (HERE). Boots: Ted & Muffy (Similar HERE).

All Photos by Bain Stevens



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