transitioning your summer wardrobe to fall

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With the fickle days that we’ve been experiencing here in NYC, reaching an all-time high for the month. We saw fluctuations going from 80 to 40 degrees in the span of a day, what even is that? Dressing for the weather can be challenging even for the most experienced of fashion pros. But over the years I’ve put together a full proof plan for beating the heat, the cold, and everything in-between. I’m talking about layers people! Now the OG readers will know all about my love of layering, it was my very first fashion topic I ever discussed here on the site. But today I wanted to go deeper and chat specially about how layers can not only save you money and time but can do so without having to sacrifice on style.


Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well I’m here to tell you, you can truly have your cake and eat it too, well, style cake at least. The key to unlocking the secrets of layering can be found in 3 easy fashion pieces.

  • Close Fit Turtlenecks
  • A Great Lightweight Statement Coat
  • Hosiery


These three fashion staples are the holy trinity of layering and the perfect way to extend the life of your summer pieces into the colder months. What makes these items true fashion MVPs in your style game is the versatility. Brisk morning with an unseasonably muggy afternoon well then pair your coat (we suggest a check one to be the ultimate style star this fall) with a classic tee and jeans. To turn this look up to 11 I suggest adding a fish net sock for the ultimate downtown cool vibes.

Okay here is another scenario, rainy dreary day that gets colder and wetter as the hours tick by, no problem pop that polo neck under a summer dress, throw on your coat and, finally, a pair of some rain proof short boots to complete your ensemble and you can face the day in style.


The point that I’m getting to with all these scenarios, is that with these three versatile pieces in your wardrobe the combinations can be endless. But okay now you know what items that you need for your closet. Well, how do you go about choosing the styles that work best for you?

They key here is to really analyze your closet and personal style. Instead of buying a whole new autumnal wardrobe with the latest IT trends, these items can work with your existing pieces so make sure that the new items you purchase work with your current style. Do you have a favorite color palette?, what trends have you been loving from A/W runways? I can tell you mine are checked coats. Do you feel like your look leans more basic or bold? These questions can help when deciding to make your final purchases whether a navy polo neck or bright pink would be better, or if black opaque tights tickle your fancy more than fishnets.

Always remember there is no right or wrong answer only what works best for you.


So what did you think of this weeks post? Will you be investing in these 3 style staples this Fall. As always love and appreciate the feedback and if there are any things you would specifically like to see on the site let me know.


The Everyday Editor


Navy Turtleneck: Zara (HERE). Zodiac Pendant: La Soula (HERE)Khaki Shirt Dress: Petite Studio New York (HERE). Checked Coat: Zara (HERE)Black Suede Sock Boot: Steve Madden: (HERE).

All photos by Gabe Araujo

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